Playhouse Rules

1. Have FUN!

2. Please obey staff and Safari Guides instructions at all times.

3. Adults are welcome to play in the facility!

4. No shoes on mats. Socks must be worn at all times on the mat by both children and adults.       *Socks are available for purchase at the counter*

5. Please no food, drink, candy, or sharp objects in the Jungle room.

6. No flips, summersaults or tumbling allowed on the inflatables.

7. No climbing on walls, nets, or roofs of inflatable units.

8. Do not jump from or bounce at the top of the slides.

9. One person at a time down the slides.

10. No pushing, shoving or rough play allowed.

11. Please do not go behind bounce houses or in any other restricted areas.

12. Watch out for younger children!

13. Alcohol is NOT allowed in the facility.


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